Korea Tours Packages

Explore Korea- the Land of the Morning Calm via Korea Tours Packages……….

Whether you’re interested in exploring Korea- the Land of the Morning Calm, as an individual traveller or as a group traveller; MW Tours offers you a plethora of Korea Tours Packages that suit your preferences and budget. Right from flawless landscapes to the mouth-watering delectable cuisines, Korea has a lot to offer. Some of the most interesting places to visit in South Korea include the Cheongpung Lake, Jeju Island, Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Mount Seoraksan National Park. In addition to these, Korea’s capital Seoul showcases a perfect blend of business and monetary centres. Every area within Seoul has a unique culture and heritage of its own. The eye-catching blossoms which crop up during mid-April are worth-a-watch during your stay in Seoul.

Travelling with children is a lot of fun via Korea Tours Packages…………….

If you’ve chosen to take your kids along during a tour to Korea, then be ready for a lot of interesting stuff waiting to be explored by you. Trains are indeed the most comfortable and economic means of travelling with children in Korea. Plus, you’ll also be surprised to know that children under the age of 4 can ride free of charge while the children belonging to age groups 4-13 can avail a 50% discount on travel prices. Additionally, all train stations situated in Yongsan, Seoul and Busan offer nursing rooms and baby-changing rooms. The high-speed KTX trains are also equipped with both these amenities in order to render utmost comfort and convenience to the young toddlers. The subway stations located in Korea have been equipped with escalators, allowing people with strollers the convenience of moving around the station in a safe and secure way. Children below seven years of age who’re accompanied by an adult can easily ride the subways and buses at zero charge.

Uncover the cultural significance of Seoul with a customized travel package…….………..

Korea Tours PackagesAlso known as the city of contrasts, Seoul has a good collection of tourist spots that reflect the culture of the nation. As the cultural centre of South Korea, Seoul is well-known for its temples located at different areas. It is advised to visit the numerous Buddhist temples situated in Seoul. Some of the most popular ones include Sinchon, Hongdae and Itaewon. Additionally, you can also have a glimpse of Seoul’s local culture by attending an eating session in “pojangs”. The taste of the homemade dishes will undoubtedly please your taste buds instantly.


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